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The Workshop Experience


“Thought Provoking! Great tools and concepts”

"Overall, a great model and process for evaluating our company. Gives us structure that will help us focus."

"This program guides the thought process that goes into an end result that is called innovation. In terms of providing a roadmap for driving innovation – you’ve nailed it!"

- Executive Director

Manufacturing Consortium

Learn how you can make innovation work for your company with The Pursuit of Uniqueness Workshop.

The Pursuit of Uniqueness model is experienced first hand in a thought provoking, results oriented, and highly interactive workshop. You will learn…

  • To rethink the role of your customers, products and services and supply chain to gain a stronger competitive position in today’s highly turbulent marketplace.
  • A repeatable process for driving innovation throughout your company.

Experience the Power of Innovation
to Drive Sustainable Growth

Apply The Pursuit of Uniqueness Model – a ground-breaking business model aimed at perpetuating exponential growth based on strategic expertise, best practices and examples of market leaders.

Assess Business Strategy
through a series of diagnostics that reveal the potential of the company’s existing strategy to drive sustainable growth.

Generate Innovation Ideas with a step-by-step analysis of key business elements that fosters thinking in entirely new ways.

Consider Technology
by identifying opportunities to leverage the strategic potential of technology to facilitate greater differentiation and competitive advantage.

Examine Capabilities through filtering a real-life uniqueness initiative through a ‘readiness prism’ to understand and act upon the implementation challenges and risks of innovation.

Develop an Execution Brief
by using a jumpstart tool to develop immediately applicable steps to implement a selected uniqueness initiative.

The workshop experience produces the clarity and energy required to drive and sustain breakthrough results. Executives walk away with an understanding of the leadership skills required to manage innovation and how to think in new ways to create the catalyst for a performance shift within their company.



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