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The Model


The Pursuit of Uniqueness
Model is designed to help companies achieve the powerful linkage between innovation strategy, technology leverage and a laser focus on execution. This model provides methods, tools and diagnostics to explore innovation opportunities, define new strategic options and ensure companies have the capability to execute well.

The model is a focused process for examining your business in an entirely new way. It will show you how to:

Drive sustainable differentiation

  • Rethink the role of customers, products and services and the supply chain to gain a stronger competitive position
  • Turn your company into a value-based business with customers who are willing to pay more for your products and services

Capitalize on the best practices of market leaders

  • Apply a research and experience based model for fueling breakthrough growth in revenues and profitability
  • Realize the power that results from linking innovation strategy, technology leverage and a laser focus on execution

Apply a systematic framework

  • Learn a practical, proven methodology for innovation
  • Install a repeatable process for sustaining uniqueness

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