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The Pursuit of Uniqueness


The Pursuit of Uniqueness can:

Show you how to make your business thrive in today’s turbulent world

  • Maintain the momentum of a thriving business
  • Tackle imminent threats to sustained profitability
  • Tap unexplored growth opportunities

Transform your ability as a leader of innovation

  • Sharpen your ability to think and manage differently in a world of dramatic business shifts
  • Prepare to lead your company with a repeatable process for driving innovation

What is the Pursuit of Uniqueness?

The Pursuit of Uniqueness is about setting the foundation for a company that can stand apart from the crowd – one that customers seek out…and are willing to pay more to do business with. It's about sustaining profitable business growth, even with dramatic market shifts and during turbulent times.

Why the name?

Think about uniqueness... it's the ability to offer your customers a set of value propositions that no other company can match. And, uniqueness is a constant “pursuit” because what is unique today will not stay unique forever.


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